Bitumen Industry

SupratonĀ® Inline Homogenisers are used to efficiently blend bitumen with Rubber & to produce bitumen emulsions for use in Roads, Industrial Coatings and many other Bituminous Products.


Our mixing technology provides many advantages over traditional Bitumen Mixers:

  • Fine Tuning and control over particle size allows for Refined bitumen emulsions
  • Moveable shaft allows the motor to startup before engaging the rotor, big saving on energy and tool replacement.
  • Design of rotor and stator provides the most efficient mixing and maximises homogeneity
  • The Mixing tools are interchangeable and adjustable allowing for further tuning of the mixer and unlocking the ability to make many different products in the same mixer.

Applications include Road building, tarmac, roof sheeting, building protection.

  • Emulsification of colloidal mixtures of water and bitumen
  • Breakdown and dispersion of polymers in the form of plastic granulate in bitumen to make polymer-modified bitumen (PmB)