Buckau-Wolf Vacuum Pans

Buckau-Wolf Vacuum Pans with honeycomb calandrias increase capacity by shortening the crystallisation time while simultaneously reducing power consumption.


Our portfolio includes the engineering, specification, calculation, and production of boiling devices in accordance with the European Pressure Vessel Directive (PVD) 2014/68/EC and the German regulations for the specification and manufacture of pressure vessels AD 2000-HP0.

We create inspection-capable CAD drawings, welding instructions, welding specifications, inspection plans and the relevant documentation in the desired language. This includes inspection reports, manufacturing drawings, manuals, risk assessments, declarations of conformity, material certificates, transfers of identification, pressure tests, process inspections and all other required acceptance documents. We also conduct non-destructive testing on pressure vessels.

Buckau-Wolf vaporising crystallisers are equipped with patented honeycomb calandrias. These calandrias consist of pipes that are welded in a honeycomb pattern without a pipe bottom (pipe plate). This minimises the distance between plates and optimises the heating surface ratio.

A central circulation pipe and the stirrer ensure optimal mixing and a directed flow in the device and ensure a homogeneous suspension as well as the intensive exchange of heat and micro-volume mixing. The result is a better crystalline structure at a significantly reduced boiling time.


  • Recognised throughout the world for their high level of efficiency and top-quality sugar crystal
  • Retrofit to existing systems at any time
  • 25 % more heating surface for the same installation space in comparison to conventional pipe heating chambers
  • 75% reduction of depositing surfaces on the top side of the chamber

BWS Honeycomb Calandrias

Overview of Advantages

  • The optimized chamber design ensures homogeneous crystal growth and improved CV values (variation coefficient) in the massecuite
  • Minimum redirection losses, dead zones, and local overheating
  • Best flow conditions guarantee a homogeneous strike, and the stirrer uses less power
  • Energy savings when vapour-cleaning the device
  • Expanded capacity by reducing the boiling time at identical steam quality or lower energy costs through lower steam quality at consistent boiling times; the resulting excess energy can e.g. be used to generate electricity.


Buckau-Wolf honeycomb calandrias for retrofitting can be installed into existing systems with little effort. This applies in particular to the exchange of pipe calandrias, lenticular calandrias, and ring calandrias. During retrofitting, the pipe length and the heating surface are determined again and adapted to the demand of the sugar factory.

Benefits of retrofitted vaporizing crystalliser

  • Ready-to-install delivery of segmented Buckau-Wolf honeycomb calandria with or without stirrer
  • Retrofit to existing systems with ring, lenticular or pipe calandrias without modification of regulators, pipelines, devices or buildings
  • Boost the output of existing systems by up to 25% by enlarging the size of the heating surface
  • Low maintenance costs and a long service life

Buckau-Wolf honeycomb calandria as retrofit is used successfully by more than 250 vaporizing crystallizers worldwide.


Application: cane sugar factory

Device diameter 5,600 mmOld system Pipe calandriaBWS system Honeycomb calandria
Exhaust vapour levelV1V2
Vapour pressure (mbar)500200
Vapour temperature (˚C)116106
Magma colour (IE)3.0001.745
Boiling time (h)2,72,2
Application: beet sugar factory

Device diameter – 4,300 mmOld system Pipe calandriaBWS system Honeycomb calandria
Exhaust vapour level34
Vapour pressure (mbar)610152
Vapour temperature (C)113,5103,6
Vapour quantity (t/h)8,638,03

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