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Supraton® Inline Mixers & Bitumen Homogenisers
German engineering company BWS Technologie offers a range of mixing and particle size reduction equipment for various liquid, liquid and solid, and liquid dispersions.Continue readingSupraton® Inline Mixers & Bitumen Homogenisers
D&H Bitumen Mixing Chambers In South Africa
An innovative horizontal mixing chamber that offers a solution for the effective mixing of bitumen with crumbed rubber, polymers, or any dry powder, is now available in South Africa.Continue readingD&H Bitumen Mixing Chambers In South Africa
Emulsions for Africa
Following our 'reason to be': "Making Life Easier in Africa", we have been looking closely at the potential for the broader use of emulsions in our road industry; particularly for enabling the application of chip seals in our winter months.Continue …
Buckau-Wolf Article on Engineering News
From Engineeringnews.co.za Article: German machining company BWS Technologie intends to expand its reach into Africa’s sugar industry through its Buckau-Wolf continuous centrifugals, batch-type centrifugals, and vacuum pans with honeycomb calandrias. The company also seeks to extend its reach into various industries across …
BWS partnership serving South African industry
The Buckau R. Wolf AG machine factory emerged from a shipyard founded in 1838 and changed to a mechanical engineering company through a number of mergers and portfolio changes. As from 1998 BWS Technologie GmbH in Grevenbroich has offered Buckau-Wolf …