Supraton® Bitumen Homogeniser

Used in the production of polymer-modified bitumen (PmB). Enabling efficient mixing of polymer – especially in the form or granules – into bitumen.

With a three-stage rotor-stator tool our Bitumen Homogeniser has proven itself for many years, especially for single-cycle processes.


  • Task-specific tool geometry, especially useful for single cycle and high polymer content
  • 3-stage rotor-stator tool for feed, shearing/breakdown and dispersion, in particular of granulated polymer and similar materials in bitumen
  • Work gap adjustment for energy-conserving start-up through hydraulic, axial shaft adjustment
  • The standard setting OPEN/CLOSED for start-up, shutdown, and pump over can be complemented with variable control as an option
  • The high pumping effect of the machine supports the supply pump or even makes it unnecessary in many cases
Tool SetProgressively-turned, wedge-shaped shear gap and toothed ring rotor-stator system
Materials (DIN)
1.4408, 1.2288, 1.4112
Splash lubrication
Speed min-14.8003.0002.000
Drive kW45-7590-160160-300
Throughput rate m/h< 15< 30< 60
Polymer Content %3-20 Mass
Heating JacketHeatable up to 240 °C
Working GapHydraulically-actuated axial shaft movement
Gap SettingStandard: open-closed, Optional: stepless hydraulic available

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