Supraton® B-Series

Our broad product portfolio offers the best fitting machines for numerous applications and diverse process requirements. Supraton® inline homogenizers offer high quality, proven reliability and efficient performance.


The Supraton® B series stands out for its compact design. Drive motor and tool are connected via a directly coupled shaft so that the bearing module that is in the S series can be omitted. At a low to medium shearing effect, the B series produces good to excellent high-shear mixing results with regard to emulsification, dispersion, and reaction.

High-quality materials, from duplex stainless steel to metal-ceramic combinations, ensure high wear resistance. The Supraton® B series tools are axially symmetric, which makes them suitable for both directions of rotation. Both flanks can be used if wear occurs.

Mixing Parameters
  • Dynamic product viscosities up to 20,000 cP
  • Particle sizes up to 15 mm
  • Temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Pressures up to 8 bar

S-Series vs B-Series Comparison

Compare the performance parameters for the B and S series for machine sizes B200 and S200 with an injector tool. In case you have further question, our sales engineer will help you.

B Supraton W MIXING TECHNOLOGYSupraton B-SeriesSupraton S-Series
Performance parametersB200.7.4-1.5S200.7.4-1.5
Motor power kW11up to 30
Drive typeDirectly coupledDirectly coupled and belt drive
Motor speed in min-l without frequency inverter3.000up to 7.500 with belt drive
Rotor speed in m Sup to 22up to 57
Operating pressure in barup to 8up to 16
Capacity in Std.-up to 5up to 10
Dynamic substrate viscosity cP/mPa Sup to 20.000up to 100.000
Functiona principlelow to medium shearing effecthigh shearing effect
Tool (ex.)7-stage injector tool7-stage injector tool
Sealing module (ex.)Double-acting floating ring sealDouble-acting floating ring seal
BearingnoneOil-lubricated and cooled bearing

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