SupratonĀ® is used in a wide variety of mixing processes. Homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, wet grinding, disintegration as well as the addition of solids without agglomeration are among the key processes.


Competent SupratonĀ® process engineers support our customers with the selection of suitable processes and the use of machines as well as pumps, containers, stirrers, and heat exchangers for the optimal solution of customer mixing requirements. We adapt the integration of the SupratonĀ® inline homogeniser individually to the overall customer process.


A homogeneous mix is present when the individual components of a mixture are distributed down to the molecular level and form one single phase. There is no detectable separation between substances.


Dissolution of at least two liquid phases into a finely distributed mix. The first liquid forms small drops that are distributed in the second liquid.

Dispersion/addition of solids (suspension)

Addition of at least one solid (dispersed phase) and homogeneous distribution in at least one liquid phase (dispersed medium).

Wet grinding, dissolution, disintegration, deagglomeration or breakdown

Wet dissolution of a composite or a solid and transfer into a homogeneous distribution by cell dissolution/breakdown of particles.


Chemical change of fluid reaction components into a new product.