Food & Beverages Industry

Supraton┬« Inline Homogenizer are used in numerous applications. From lab trials to industrial processes – we consult our customers in developing the ideal solution to their process challenges.

Chocolate and coffee

  • Homogenisation of chocolates, coffee extracts, etc.
  • Homogenisation and dispersion of liquid-solid mixes (cocoa, sugar, fats, fillers, etc.)
  • Wet grinding to break down chocolate and nuts
  • Dispersion of gaseous phases in coffee concentrates

Dairy products

  • Dispersion of milk powders
  • Emulsification of food and plant oils, cocoa butter
  • Homogenisation of milk, curd, and cheese products

Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

  • Homogenisation of soft drinks, nectars, syrups, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Wet grinding/dissolution of fruit and vegetable pulp
  • Disintegration of agglomerates before water removal (wastewater)

Other applications

  • Homogenisation of components with fruit contents
  • Dispersion of powdered raw materials
  • Homogenisation of starch solutions, ketchup
  • Reacting of enzymes for dissolution of proteins in renewable resources